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Geneva Premier

Industrial Coffee Machine

  • Dimensions: 700W x 700D x 1830H
  • Weight: 162kgs
  • 1100 cup (8oz/220ml)
  • Fresh Brew Coffee 3.1kgs
  • Instant Coffee 0.9kgs
  • Fresh Brew Tea 1.4kgs
  • Instant Tea 2.9kgs
  • Sugar canister 3.5kgs
  • Creamer 2.4kgs
  • Chocolate 2.9kgs
  • Milk Topping 2.4kgs
  • Soup 3.2kgs
  • 3 Pre-selections
  • Up to 11 different types of selections

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Product: Geneva Premier


Coffetek, an AZKOYEN Group company, is established as one of the world´s leading manufacturers of Fresh Brew coffee and Tea Vending Machines, known for their proven systems that provide optimum performance, durability and styling.

The Geneva delivers a complete range of high quality coffees and teas at the exact strength, temperature and appearance users expect.

Selections Available:

Short black, Long black, Macchiato, Flat white, Cappuccino, Moccachino, Espresso choc, Hot chocolate, Hot creamy milk, Hot water, Chocomilk, Latte, White Tea and Black Tea with options for French Vanilla, Chai Latte and Soup (must be cream of)

Key Features

  • Constant and homogenous aspect and quality.
  • Unique paperless “Easy Brew” Tea and Coffee Brewing System.
  • Precise control of product delivery and temperature.
  • The “iVend” technology ensures consistent vend and refund performance.
  • The system guarantees the selected item is delivered to the customer or their money is returned.
  • Moving dispensing head that eliminates drink cross-contamination
  • Large lit advertising surface.
  • Clear and attractive direct selection panel.
  • Lit selection buttons.
  • Total flexibility on drink offering - plastic and paper cups of 175, 197 and 255 ml (6, 7 and 9 oz). 340 ml (12 oz) as an option.
  • Selectable strength for milk, sugar, tea and coffee.
  • Audible “Drink ready” tone.
  • Cold drinks options available.
  • Own Cup and Jug facilities.
  • Compatible with all major cash and cashless MDB systems
  • Modular components which can be easily extracted.
  • Materials specifically for maximum hygiene.
  • Automatic self-cleaning cycle.
  • Internal stainless steel panelling – easier and quicker to
  • clean during routine maintenance.
  • Modular construction.
  • A single-piece mixing and brewing system that simplifies
  • maintenance and operation – Up to 20% saving on machine downtime.
  • Energy Management System that powers down the Geneva during low-use periods.
  • Direct drop mechanism that reduces the chance of cup jam.
  • Full audit facility diagnosis.
  • EVA – DTS compatible.
  • IRDA and Smartcard Download compatible.
  • 24 Volt DC machine operations.
  • These units are suitable for use with a Coin Mechanism and Note Reader’s.





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