PVS participates in the global consumer market so we understand the market dynamics of the vending industry and we understand the economic and financial impacts on our new and existing clients. In consultation with our clients, we have developed our new ‘Extended Payment Terms & Conditions’ policy, giving you the opportunity to grow your business today!

Professional Vending Services continues to hold ‘exclusive distribution rights’ for two of the world’s leading brands in the vending industry: Azkoyen and Automatic Products. These exclusive distribution rights enable us to continue to bring new and exciting products in terms of technology, function, and design to the Australian market.

Our new ‘extended payment terms’ gives you access to this innovative product range and our superior technical service and support that will help support and grow your business by capitalizing on the unique opportunities that you create.

What are our new ‘Extended Payment Terms & Conditions’?
Our new ‘Extended Payment Terms & Conditions’ are so simple:

  • 20% up-front payment of invoiced amount.
  • Extended payment period to pay the invoiced amount
  • 20% finance charge is paid by you to use the ‘extended payment term’ facility
  • Automatic weekly payments made via nominated credit card account

What is the finance charge?
The finance charge is required to cover the following:

  • financing costs of inventory that we have to remit to our suppliers
  • costs of undertaking credit reference enquiries & other due diligence activities
  • credit card payment fees
  • on-going administrative costs

Are there any Special Conditions?

  • PVS must arrange the transport of the machine to the nominated address as specified on the invoice.
  • You must notify PVS if you intend to relocate the machine from original site.
  • PVS reserve the right given by the signed ‘Privacy Statement Disclosure & Consent’, to conduct a credit check and require your ABN and your Business Name.
  • A payment default is considered to occur if two attempts to debit the nominated Credit Card account are declined.
  • In the event of default, you authorise PVS to repossess the machine unless you are able to remit the outstanding payments in full within 7 days.

How quickly can you establish an ‘Extended Payment’ arrangement?

  • PVS will work with you to determine a payment period that best suits your mutual needs where possiblei.
  • You must complete the Privacy Statement Disclosure & Consent form and Credit Card Debit Authority form and return them to PVS.
  • PVS will send you a Customer Invoice.
  • You must remit a minimum 20% up-front payment.
  • PVS will arrange the dispatch of the vending machine(s) directly to the designated vending site.
  • Weekly payments will be deducted from your nominated credit card until the invoice is paid in full.


ABC Vending Pty Ltd receives an invoice for an UltraFlex Refrigerated Combo vending machine which includes a coin mechanism and note reader. It is required to be delivered in the Sydney Metro Area.

Cost of Machine

20% Up-front payment$2,000
Finance charge on balance at 20%$1,600
Total amount owing:$9,588
Calculated weekly repayment over 52 weeks:$185


****PVS reserves the right to approve or decline applications for extended payment terms.