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933H PPE

Personal Protective Equipment Machine

  • Ambient machine for indoor or outdoor undercover use.
  • Non-refrigerated machine for PPE vending.
  • Designed to optionally connect (slave) to other AP Machines.

  • Dimensions
  • Machine - 990mm wide x 890mm deep x 1830mm high.
  • Weight 252kg.

  • Average Number of Selections/Capacity
  • 40 selections, 6 Trays (Max 70 selections.)

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Product: 933H PPE


Important Reasons for Use of Automated Dispensing Machines

Technological advancements in Industrial vending have aided in increasing overall efficiency of the industrial work place. Automated tool vending machines are widely used by many manufacturing giants to reduce overhead costs and to prevent stock out scenario’s during working hours.

Key Features

Benefit Realisation
  • Automated Re-ordering based on stock levels
  • No possibility of stock out situations at all
  • Web-based setup along with industrial data management
  • Low Cost of Operation, Maintenance & Support
  • Simple and Easy to use Software
  • Big Savings on direct Labour costs.


Items that Can Dispense

Items that may be vended are listed below. This list is not restrictive and is to be used as a guide only. Gloves, safety glasses, goggles ,spectacle cases, shoe inners, ear plugs, generic hearing protection, hand tools, slings, spray packs

Restricting Access

Access to the vending machines can be achieved in a variety of manners. The machines can be set up to free vend or configured to restrict access to persons in a number of ways. This can be achieved by, RF (radio frequency) tags, magnetic strip credit cards, pin codes via a keypad and finger print detection and more.

Transaction / Inventory Reports

Transactions can be logged onsite at the machine or remotely. Monitoring can be achieved through PC’s, Laptops, Palm Pilots, Mobile Phones. Alerts can be factored into any or all machines to indicate stock levels, filling trigger levels, and machine status. Reporting of transactions can be as detailed or as basic as per a customer’s requests. Control Vend whilst providing a comprehensive reporting system is at all times vigilant to the customers’ needs and can accommodate most requirements.









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