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933H Shoe

Footwear Dispensing Machine

  • Ambient machine for indoor or outdoor undercover use.
  • Non-refrigerated machine for dispensing footwear.
  • Designed to optionally connect (slave) to other AP Machines.

  • Dimensions
  • Machine - 990mm wide x 890mm deep x 1830mm high.
  • Weight 252kg.

  • Average Number of Selections/Capacity
  • 20 selections, 4 Trays (Max 70 selections.)

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Product: 933H Shoe


The Automatic Products Premier Model 933H is big on capacity. It is easily the most user friendly and versatile high capacity (ambient – non refrigerated) machine on the market. Customized to vend footwear it features 20 different selections, comes with 5 double spirals across with 4 shelves.

For anyone looking to venture out into new territory, the 933H Model is the perfect fit. The 933H Model boasts all the sales-boosting power of the Premier Series line, including:

  • Stealth Styling for an upscale appearance, Brighter light that provides superior product illumination and presents brands in their true colour, while delivering up to three times the bulb life.
  • Fast Track bilingual programming keypad for time-saving navigation and a Large graphics display attracts customers by sight.
  • Spirals, spacers and drive motors can be simply snapped on and off without the need for a screwdriver or spanner and the quick service second control board makes life easy when pricing and programming.

Key Features

Smart Advantage

The Premier Series edges out older models, intelligently increasing operational productivity. With its Fast Track keypad for quick mode access, Text based menu makes navigating electronics easy. With chip cloning you can program multiple machines at once. Advanced electronics with superior diagnostics, Roll pricing smooths menu and price changes. Durable all metal cabinet and wireless shelving!

Variety, Velocity, and Value!

Versatile spiral configuration, tilting trays for easy loading and simple clear pricing and price programming. Designed for consumer response, The AP-933H’s stellar looks and merchandising competence get noticed. Stealth styling communicate heightened quality. Brighter and more evenly lit products (with 3 times longer bulb life!) Animated display and changeable POS window stimulate attention. Quick-change shelves on the fly, allowing for fast menu adjustments. With fully adjustable shelving and a wide range of spirals available to suit all needs. This machine can easily be slaved to a À LA CARTE® machine saving you money.

Exceed Their Expectations

Go green and save your clients money with four energy conservation modes (time programmable.) Brighter lighting and modern selection system for easier use and a guaranteed delivery system. 7 megapixel Golden-eye technology as standard, ensures a guaranteed vend or refund every time.





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