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Mei 2000 Combo Acceptor

Mars Combo Card & Note Acceptor

  • With the MEI series 2000 Combo Card & Note Acceptor, your vending machine can handle whatever form of payment your customers prefer: credit card, debit card, cash or MEI coupons. This kind of convenience means customers are more likely to buy from you and less likely to walk away empty-handed — increasing your sales and helping you win and retain high-traffic locations. Credit card and debit card consumers will appreciate the convenience of paying with credit and the fast, secure transactions that can be canceled with just the touch of a button.

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Product: Mei 2000 Combo Acceptor

Key Features

  • Convenient payment
  • Gives consumers more choices for making purchases by accepting credit cards, debit cards and cash
  • Features the MEI series 2000; with over 2 million sold, it’s the industry’s best bill acceptor
  • Allows consumers to easily cancel a transaction with the touch of one button
  • Increase sales and site retention
  • More payment options means fewer consumers walk away due to a lack of cash
  • Fits existing mountings where MEI VN2512 full face bill acceptors are used
  • No additional openings to cut
  • No need to choose between a bill acceptor and card reader
  • Compatible with other systems
  • Existing payment systems
  • Interfaces with MEI EASITRAX™ remote data port or equivalent
  • High-contrast display
  • Easily visible in bright light to darkness for flexible placement
  • Explains all activity with easy-to-read two-line display
  • Armoured bezel
  • Chrome-steel design prevents break-ins
  • Protects against damage from corrosive elements, e.g. salt
  • Ideal for outdoor placement including rainy, dusty or dirty locations
  • Resists coins and debris
  • Swipe-style credit card reader and bill path resist inadvertent coin insertion
  • Self-clearing swipe design resists debris



Mei 2000 Combo Acceptor


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