Product: Vitale S

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q...What is the correct Cleaning procedure?

A...Follow the procedure below or download it from the link above.

  1. After opening the main door or cabinet door on machine remove drip tray (bench top) or waste bucket (free standing) and empty contents, wash tray / bucket and dry. Return back to machine or cabinet.
  2. Remove mixing bowl covers from the mixing bowl and then remove mixing bowl itself rotating the red clip to the left and pull towards you. Remove water hose on base of mixing bowl and wash, rinse and dry completely. Return back to machine, taking note of the position of the tube into the mixing bowl.
  3. Remove the grey dust extractor above the whipper motor. Squeeze the two grey tabs together to remove. Wash, rinse and dry completely. Return it back to machine.
  4. Remove the water spill tray under the mixing bowls (Brown), wash, rinse and dry. Return to machine.
  5. Check that all the product spouts are free from product. Make sure that they are not clogged with product. DO NOT WET THIS AREA
  6. With a clean damp cloth, wipe the inside of the machine and be sure not to soak, splash or wet the product canisters as this will clog up the canisters.
  7. Release cup station door by pressing down on red clip located under the programming hand set. Clean the cup arm, door and surrounding areas with a damp cloth then dry.
  8. To remove brewer, press black micro switch which is on the left hand side of brewer, at the back. Release white locking tab. Remove brewer by pulling directly towards you. Remove plunger piston, slide metal clip from the right hand side. Remove piston by pulling towards you in an upward motion, remove screw on filter and check against light to see if it is blocked. This is to be done MONTHLY. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Lubricate if necessary.

****Note: To ensure continual trouble free operation this cleaning checklist should be carried out at least weekly and more frequently for higher volume usage.

Q...How do I adjust the strength of my Espresso Vending Machine?

A...Below is a picture of the dosser which measures the amount of ground coffee going into the brewer to be expressed. Increasing this will strengthen the taste of your coffee.

E4 – is the lever, which you move up for increasing your dose (strength) and down for decreasing the dose (strength). Its starting point at the bottom is 1 (5 grams) and increases to 7 (8 grams) with each step being a .5g increment. The factory setting is at 4 which equals to 6.5 grams.

Please see the table in the coffee group assembly picture of this document.

In conjunction with moving the dosser you will need to move the washer on the piston to increase or decrease the size of the chamber of where the ground coffee is compressed and expressed.

It is a matter of removing the red clip on top of the piston (B3) and moving the washer on top of the spring or on top of its mount just under the clip.

To remove the piston (B3) please see the diagram below of the coffee group assembly.

Dosser Assembly

The possible regulation of the capacity of the infusion chamber using the washer and the position of the dosser are shown below

Piston washer position
Dosage position


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