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Product: Guardian 6000 Coin Mechanism

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q…Why is the empty coin tube count wrong?

A...The sonar system that is used by the Guardian 6000 requires five coins in each tube to get a correct reading. If no coins are present in the tubes the sonar readings will be from reflections from outside the coin mechanism giving incorrect coin counts. Therefore it is important to initially hand fill each tube with five coins.

Q…Does my Guardian 6000 coin mech need a new steeper coin rail?

A...The metal coin rail sits in the acceptor gate path, where the coin first enter the acceptor. Its function is to debounce the coin so reliable readings can by taken by the coin mechanism sensors. Older Guardian 6000 coin mechanism have a shallower (15 degrees) rail, identified by the circular hole in the rail. The new rail is steeper (20 degrees) and is identified by the rounded square hole in it. If you have any Guardian 6000 coin mech with the older rail, please contact us and we will send you some to swap over.

Q...Does my Guardian 6000 coin mechanism need a software upgrade?

A...The current stable software version is 2.11. You can view the coin mechanism software version during startup; it will be displayed briefly after the Guardian 6000 screen, below the model number on the next screen. Earlier software version may have issues with coin routing, poor full tube payout and tube counts. If your coin mech has an earlier software version it needs to be sent in for service, this is a warranty upgrade service.

Q...How do I enable 5 cent coin acceptance?

A...To get the Guardian coin mechanism to accept 5c coins, the scaling factor needs to be changed, by default it is set to 10. It needs to be set to 5 so it can accept the 5c coin, to do this enter the Guardian menu system by pressing the menu button. The display will show Main Menu Audit, press the down arrow “B” button to get to Setup, press Enter “C” button the display will now show “Setup Float”, press the up arrow “E” twice to get to General, press Enter. The display will show General Autotest, press the down arrow “B” button to get to MDB Settings, press Enter “C” button. The display will now show MDB Level, press the down arrow “B” button to get to Scale Factor, press Enter “C” button. The display will now show Scale Factor 10, press the down arrow “B” button five times to get to Scale Factor 5, press Enter “C” button the display will now return to the default display. After this reset the vending machine (turn off/on) and test 5c coins. If it still doesn't accept them, it is possible the vending machine has a setting that may need to be changed. (e.g. on the Merlin 4 Royal drink vender the cheat mode needs to be enabled.)

Q...What are the coin tube capacities for the Guardian 6000?

A...Tube capacity is as follows:

  • 10c – 78 coins
  • 20c – 59 coins
  • $1 – 52 coins
  • $2 – 49 coins

***Therefore with the default setup of 20-20-$1-10-10-$2 the Guardian coin mechanism can hold $189.20 in change.

Q...What are the possible coin tube configurations for the Guardian 6000?

A…The following is a list of the Australian coins, the tube used for the coin and the possible locations in the cassette for that tube. Denomination: Tube#: Possible locations:

  • 10c: Tube #3: ABCDEF
  • 20c: Tube #1: AB
  • 50c: N/A: CASHBOX
  • $1: Tube #2: ABC
  • $2: Tube #5: ABCDEF

Q...What is the Coin Float Mode for the Guardian 6000?

A...The ability to maintain coin levels in the coin mechanism inventory tubes is called the coin float mode. The Guardian 6000 coin mech has two types of float available, the float pay down and the level float, either mode can be set via the display menu system. Float pay down mode will allow the coin tubes to fill to full and later they can be paid down to the set coin levels, therefore maintaining a set change level after a service call. Level Float mode will cause the coin tubes to fill to the set level after which all additional coins will be routed to the cashbox, therefore maintaining a set change level throughout operation. Either float mode is set by filling the tubes with the desired level of coinage, then press “E+F” to Enable Float, this will then set the float to the current level of coins. If you wish to disable the float, possibly to change the float amount, press “D+F” to Disable Float. To payout excess coins that have accumulated in Float Pay down mode, press “C+F” to start the overfill coins to be dispensed from the tubes. See the manual for full float mode details.

Q...What is the default coin tube configuration for the Guardian 6000?

A...The default tube configuration is: A=20c, B=20c, C=$1, D=10c, E=10c, F=$2.

Q...Why is "Float disabled" flashing on the display?

A...This indicates that the float mode is not enabled. This will not stop the normal operation of the Guardian 6000. The float mode is used to keep a specified level of coinage on the inventory tubes, see the manual for details regarding the float mode and its use.

Q...How do I update the tube coin counts?

A...The Guardian coin mechanism can be forced to scan and update the tube coin counts by pressing buttons “A+B” at the same time. New software versions do not automatically update the tube coin counts so as to preserve the coin counts for auditing purposes.

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